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Marine Wildlife Videography Course

Get all the tricks, hacks and secrets from multiple international award winning underwater videographer Olivier Van den Broeck!

What everybody ought to know about filming under water.

Get instant sharp and stable images with natural and vivid colours.

Fast results with any camera, Action Camera or Smart phone.

Guaranteed or get your money back!

5 tutorial videos (+ 1 FREE bonus video with valuable extra information) are all you need to start filming

like a pro.

Enter the water prepared.

Save valuable time and a lot of money.

How to enrol in the
underwater videography course?

Sign up for our online course

Pay the required fee and create a password in connection to your email address

Log in with email address and password

Watch the 6 regularly updated tutorial videos as often, wherever and whenever you want.

After completion you may send us 3 of your videos and we will give you the necessary feed-back to improve on your work


Award marine wildlife videography Strasbourg
Award film PAF Tachov 2018
Nautile d'or underwater videography awards

With more than 30 different awards in various international film festivals, Beyond Scuba is a significant player in the marine wildlife film scene. Driven by passion and the love for our oceans, Beyond Scuba is bringing the amazing realm of our world's seas and its wildlife on your screens. 

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In my opinion, this is a very complete course, in which all important things related to underwater filming are discussed. The set-up is nice and the examples of right and wrong give a clear picture for which you have to use certain settings etc.



Underwater videography & photography
Editing services

A movie is not just raw footage and a photo needs to pass through a dark room, even if it is a digital one. Editing and image correcting is quite time-consuming and is in fact the biggest part of making an underwater video or photo. Empowered with the right software, the know-how and the experience we can handle anything: colour adjustments, stabilisation, backscatter removal, removal of entire objects, stacking multiple photos... and more. Tell us what you need and we will work it out!

Olivier & Greet copy.jpg

Olivier Van den Broeck, underwater videographer and Greet Meulepas, underwater photographer.

They have been diving together for many years, continuously improving, experimenting and learning in their field.

About Us

On demand

Do you need underwater footage of a certain animal, a certain place or even aerial images? We may already have in stock what you are looking for.
If not we will happily arrange a trip to get exactly what you need!


Why should I rather take the online course than enrolling into a physical in-house course to master the skills of underwater videography?

Learning to handle an underwater camera means you need to understand the dynamics and techniques necessary to use that camera. You learn these theoretical skills in a classroom or from the comfort of your home. And that is exactly what we offer in our Marine Wildlife Videography course; to learn the techniques you need to be able to make decent underwater footage while you are still at home, so you don’t have to waste your time in a classroom while on a holiday. Knowing what settings to use to film underwater is a skill that must be learned beforehand rather than while you are under water. It is no secret that when enrolling in a normal in-house underwater videography course you will spend time in a classroom. With our Marine Wildlife Videography course you can now master all the topics of this underwater video course before entering the water and by doing so you will enter your favourite dive spot on the very first day of your holiday well prepared. You will save therefor valuable time, a lot of money and you will have more time to dive during that well earned scuba vacation.

Can I use an action camera (for example a GoPro or a Paralenz Vaquita) or a mobile phone?

Yes, provided that your camera or phone is waterproof for recreational scuba diving depths (a minimum rating of 40m/130ft) or has a compatible waterproof housing to protect your device. The more options your housing has the better and the easier it will be to handle the camera, the action camera or smartphone. 

Once I have finished my underwater online course how do I know if I apply the techniques of the in the Marine Wildlife Videography course well?

After you have watched and understood our tutorial videos it is time to bring your gained knowledge into practice. Dive, film, edit, make short clips and learn from your mistakes. Our course includes also coaching. This means that our underwater videography course includes a review by Olivier Van den Broeck, our award-winning marine videographer! When you buy our course you will get the opportunity to send us 3 different underwater videos from your own making and Olivier will give provide his personal feedback. This feedback is a crucial part in the journey of becoming a successful Marine Wildlife Videographer.

What camera should I have to make underwater films and videos?

Make sure that your camera is filming in full HD, meaning 1080 by 1920 pixels. If your camera films in a higher definition such as 4 K it will make the editing process easier as you will be able to crop or zoom in without loosing quality. You will also need to check that there is a waterproof housing available that is rated for recreational scuba diving depths (a minimum rating of 40m/130ft). This topic is fully covered in our underwater videography course. 

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