They have been diving together for many years,

continuously improving, experimenting

and learning in their field.

Olivier Van den Broeck, is the creative mind behind the Beyond Scuba underwater DOCUMENTARIES.


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Olivier is a PADI Master Instructor and a multiple award-winning underwater videographer. A certified diver since 1996 and scuba diving instructor since 1999. Olivier has worked in the dive industry in a wide variety of locations. His diving experience includes Europe's North Sea (Belgium and The Netherlands), The Atlantic Ocean (The Canaries), The Mediterranean (Spain, Greece, Italy and Turkey), the Caribbean Sea (Saint Lucia, Bonaire, Dominica, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Saba), the Red Sea (Egypt), The Indian Ocean (South-Africa, The Maldives and Mauritius) and Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam). Olivier has logged almost 4000 dives and won several international film awards. Olivier has also contributed to major documentary productions, such as “Ocean Souls” by Philip Hamilton and "The Witness Is a Whale" by Spindrift Images, with his underwater footage of whales. Olivier has the Belgian nationality and lives with his wife (Greet) and daughter (Manon) in Mauritius.

Olivier is also an affiliate partner with Light & Motion, the American manufacturer of SOLA, most reliable, compact and powerful underwater video lights.

Greet Meulepas, is The one who TAKES The Pictures, gives the scientific touch and writes the stories for their documentaries.

Greet 2021.HEIC

Greet is a PADI IDC-Staff Instructor, Biologist, Marine & Lacustrine Scientist, professional award-winning underwater photographer and Mission Blue's Black River District (Mauritius) Hope Spot champion. 

Greet has dived the North Sea (The Netherlands), the Caribbean (Venezuela and Saba), the Atlantic Ocean (The Canaries), the Indian Ocean (South-Africa, Mauritius and the Maldives), the Red Sea (Egypt) and Southeast Asia (Thailand and Indonesia). Greet has the Belgian nationality and lives with her husband (Olivier) and daughter (Manon) in Mauritius.

Beyond Scuba Ltd is a private company limited by shares and registered in the Republic of Mauritius.