We regularly post short Marine Wildlife Videos an Photographs with a short explanation regarding the subject and the technique used to capture the image.

  • Olivier - Beyond Scuba

Subject: In this short film from 2017 we follow a juvenile frogfish (probably Antennarius striatus) on a feeding spree. The unquenchable appetite of this little frogfish is remarkable. Frogfish are apex predators of shrimp and fish. Anything of the same size or smaller approaching the anglerfish becomes potential prey.

Technique: By adding a “cartoon” generator together with motion lines, audible sound effects and Polynesian music I turned this short video clip into a real South Sea Islands themed cartoon.

  • Olivier - Beyond Scuba

Totally submerged though far away from the bottom as never before,

I was scared but never felt threatened,

I was stunned while extremely conscious of my surroundings,

I was amazed yet not surprised by their gentleness.

Never was I immersed so deep in the natural world and met with so much intelligence.

World’s biggest toothed predators were kind to me and so was I towards them.

Kindness is what they deserve and kindness is what this world needs.

  • Olivier - Beyond Scuba

Subject: This adorable juvenile Clown- or Warty Frogfish (Antennarius maculatus) is actually a ferocious predator. Any animal, his own size or smaller, that approaches the little clown might end up in this little one’s stomach. Considering that frogfish have the fastest gape and suck technique of any fish (6 milliseconds), chances of a prey escaping are dim.

Technique: Filming or photographing white or black animals underwater is challenging. To recover the details of the frogfish I have boosted the contrast of its skin. I also saturated the vivid colours to emphasise why this fish is called ‘clown’ frogfish.


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