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117. Tasseled Scorpionfish (Scorpaenopsis oxycephala)


The Tasseled Scorpionfish (Scorpaenopsis oxycephala) is like most scorpionfish-species often confused with the Stonefish. The Scorpionfish is more frequently spotted by divers and this is why: there are far more Scorpionfish species than Stonefish species (approximately 388 versus 36) described.

Scorpionfishes are also less well camouflaged than Stonefishes and more abundantly around. Knowing this it is easy to understand why we encounter Scorpionfishes more regularly.

Divers usually refer to the shape of the Scorpionfish’s mouth to distinct them from their more venomous cousin, but there are a lot of anatomical differences between these two Scorpaenoids. The warty look of the skin is absent amongst Scorpionfish species to name just one other visual difference.


This clip was made by combining different techniques; close-up shots, a camera posed on the bottom to make the shot more stable, slightly filming upwards to get some of the ocean’s blue in the background and starting with the details to reveal the entire subject at a later time in the clip.

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