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118. Spanish Dancer (Hexabranchus sanguineus) (crawling)


A Spanish Dancer (Hexabranchus sanguineus) is crawling over the rubble of a Mauritian coral reef. Although these big nudibranchs (they can grow up to 60cm/24inch) are nocturnal they are often seen during daytime in Mauritius.

The Mauritian ones are also more orange coloured than those elsewhere who are “blood” red, hence their Latin name (sanguineus means blood coloured).


I’m pretty sure that the Spanish Dancer doesn’t make any sound loud enough to be picked up by an underwater camera set or produces noise that is sufficiently audible to the diver observing the slug moving over de reef’s rubble at a snail’s pace.

To make the clip more enjoyable, I added a sluggish crawling sound effect. A long time ago films were silent but nowadays sounds are essential in videoclips.

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