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We regularly post short Marine Wildlife Videos an Photographs with a short explanation regarding the subject and the technique used to capture the image.

All videos are made by Olivier Van den Broeck using Light & Motion video lights

and all photographs are by Greet Meulepas unless stated otherwise.

130. Plagued with Sea Lice

Subject: This Undulated Moray Eel (Gymnothorax undulatus) is plagued with Sea Lice. Copepods are small crustaceans that live in every aquatic habitat. Most of them are free-living species but some prefer a parasitic lifestyle and settle on the skin of a host. Although they’re not really harmful, most fish prefer to have them removed at different cleaning stations on the reef by cleaner shrimps and/or cleaner wrasses. Ironic detail; many of these small crustaceans are themselves infected with Dinoflagellates, a gut parasite.

Technique: It is a challenge to film such small critters under water. Tiny moving subjects easily cause focus fluctuations. So use a diopter and make sire you’ve got enough footage. Afterwards while editing just select the best shots.

Bring the beauty of the ocean to life with our online Marine Wildlife Videography course!

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