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We regularly post short Marine Wildlife Videos an Photographs with a short explanation regarding the subject and the technique used to capture the image.

All videos are made by Olivier Van den Broeck using Light & Motion video lights

and all photographs are by Greet Meulepas unless stated otherwise.

151. Goldbelly Cardinalfish (Apogon apogonides)

Subject: A shoal of Goldbelly Cardinalfish (Apogon apogonides) faces the current on a little patch reef. Although these little fish prefer to shelter in between corals and crevices during daytime, they are filmed here in the open to feed on zooplankton.

Technique: At a depth of +/-25m/82ft where these fish were filmed the water was a little murky and greenish. By treating the images with noise reducing software and changing the green in the image into a vivid blue it was possible to turn the dull look of the shot into a vibrant scene.

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