Ghost Boxer Shrimp (Stenopus pyrsonotus)

Subject: The pale white Ghost Boxer Shrimp (Stenopus pyrsonotus) is a small (+/- 2,5cm/1inch) and shy crustacean belonging to the Stenopodidea, a shrimp-like crustacean group. Due to their combination of crawling and swimming characteristics they are not considered real shrimps. These pale shellfish prefer to venture around in dark habitats (deep water or inside caves, caverns of crevices). For an unknown reason the ones we encountered where almost the same size as the Soldierfish in the first shot of the video and 4 times the size as described in different reference books.

Technique: Filmed in a submerged cavern we added an “empty room” sound effect. The hollow sounds combined with a suitable music style created the dark cavern-like atmosphere.