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64. Dancing hinge-beak shrimps (Rhynchocinetidae)


Shrimps are usually well adapted to the particular environment they live in. A single reef may harbour countless different species and thousands of individuals.

They play a vital role in maintaining the health of the reef; some are an important food source for fish, some live a symbiotic life with invertebrates and some act as cleaners and remove parasites from fishes.

This video shows different species of hinge-beak shrimps (Rhynchocinetidae), all living under the same little ledge. The little resident goby is only 2,5cm/1inch in length.


Although film is a visual media, sounds do play an important role. With the right type of music a video can be given an extra dimension. Music also produces important sensations; in this case it generates a good mood and gives the interested viewer a positive feeling.

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