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126. Inimicus (strike)


The little Wrasse never knew what hit him.... An Inimicus (Inimicus sp.) is lying in ambush, patiently waiting for his next unsuspicious victim to venture close enough so that he can strike and swallow his prey in whole.

This Stonefish relative relies on his camouflage to hunt little fish and crustaceans. The gape and suck like strike is extremely fast (approx. 15 milliseconds), only the Frogfish with his 6 milliseconds strike is faster.


A partially buried Inimicus is a hunting Inimicus... it was just waiting for the right opportunity for the predator to ambush its prey and for me the camera operator to film the action, resulting in a waiting game. My patience was rewarded with this great shot. Adding some contrast and special sounds in post-production resulted in a nice but gruesome clip.

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