We regularly post short Marine Wildlife Videos an Photographs with a short explanation regarding the subject and the technique used to capture the image.

All videos are made by Olivier Van den Broeck using Light & Motion video lights

and all photographs are by Greet Meulepas unless stated otherwise.

88. A tiny Seahorse (Hippocampus sp.) in the middle of a sandy area

Subject: Misdropped we ended up away from the reef on a big wasteland with good visibility but nothing to see at first sight. Knowing that these sandy areas hold many secrets and small treasures we decided to pry around. Suddenly my buddy spotted a tiny seahorse. Attached to a little oasis of bushy twigs in the middle of a sandy desert, this little gem seemed, just like us, completely lost. This dwarf sized horse lookalike is the first one we’ve encountered in Mauritian waters. Sometimes it pays off to go and explore beyond the known sites.

Technique: Seahorses tend not to cooperate with underwater photo- and videographers. For one or another reason they like to show their backside to the observer. A simple but effective trick is to position your buddy on the other side of the seahorse so that it will show its side to the camera.