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112. A colourful little paradise


The death of a hard coral colony paves the way for new settlers; it creates a solid foundation where new life can anchor itself. This big dead hard coral colony in the middle of a sandy area forms a home for a variety of invertebrates that in turn attract a lot of fish life. Soft corals are the most striking settlers in this small biotope.

Where before a single large species stood there are now a variety of new species. Invertebrates and vertebrates alike such as juvenile Threespot Dascyllus (Dascyllus trimaculatus) have colonized this dead coral and turned it into a colourful little paradise.


Never film fish from behind or from above (unless it is to reveal a special aspect that can only be viewed from behind or from above), filming from the side is good and whenever possible film frontal (fish facing the camera). When you take into account the fact that fish always swim facing the current it becomes easy to find the ideal spot to create a good shot.

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