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100. Yawning Lionfish (Pterois muricata)


An Indian Lionfish (Pterois muricata) yawns while resting underneath the stern of the Tug II wreck which is submerged somewhere along Mauritius’ western coast. Although many species of Lionfish look the same at first glance, they differ anatomically in the number of fin rays they possess.

Geographical range is another identification tool except for the Atlantic and Caribbean waters where different species were introduced due to human negligence.


Due to the number of suspended particles (probably stirred up sand and silt) in the background, the image quality of this shot was so bad that I almost deleted it. Noise reduction software proved -even here- to be a game changer. Once applied (with some fine tuning), it got rid of 95% of all the suspended particles! In combination with a vignette mask it blew new life into an almost erased shot.

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