The Wunderpus

Subject: The Wunderpus received his official scientific name only 14 years ago; Wunderpus photogenicus (Hochberg, Norman & Finn 2006). This slender octopus species is often confused with the Mimic Octopus (Thaumoctopus mimicus) that shares the same habitat and same geological range. The Wunderpus’ colouration is more sienna/terracotta and beige with a sharply defined pattern while the Mimic Octopus has a potting-soil-brown and white colouration with more serrated outlines.

Technique: Filming in shallow water often creates light flashes generated by the sunlight hitting the water surface. It is extremely difficult to correct these shots in post-production and it would demand to correct each individual frame of the shot. That is between 24 and 60 corrections per second depending on your frame rate. Although you need to be opportunistic when filming under water you can avoid this kind of light disturbances by preserving shallow dives for cloudy days.