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14. Seahorse in a haystack (Hippocampus borboniensis)


This seahorse was probably no bigger than an inch (2,5 cm). We found it while we were lost, swimming over a desert-like area in search for the reef that we were supposed to dive on. At a certain point we decided to give up our search and just enjoy the dive.

After all, muck dives were our favourite kind back when we lived in Bali. It paid off to slow down and look around because suddenly my eye fell on this tiny critter that was hanging around in the middle of this endless plain of sand… a needle in a haystack if you will…


In order to not to disturb this little one too much I turned my strobes to low power and kept my diaphragm wider as I normally would shooting such a small creature. I took very few images for the same reason. Luckily this seahorse was quite cooperative since it did not turn away from the camera or play dead like -in my experience- many of them do when confronted with a camera.

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