Partner Goby and Shrimp

Subject: A Partner Goby (Cryptocentrus sp.) keeps a watchful eye for any potential danger while the Red Spot Snapping Shrimp (Alpheus rubromaculatus), who is maintaining the burrow, keeps permanent contact with the Goby through one of his antennae. The Shrimp who has poor eyesight relies on the Goby’s surveillance for protection and in return keeps their burrow in good condition. This symbiotic relationship where both individuals benefit from the alliance is called “mutualism”.

Technique: Patience is key here. As soon as the Goby spots a diver (with or without a camera) the duo darts into the burrow and stays there for quite some time. Position yourself and the camera and wait without making any movement that might prevent the pair from resuming their usual activities. It may take a few minutes but your patience will be rewarded with beautiful behaviour footage of a Partner Goby and his Shrimp.