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Marine wildlife images
for sale

All our images displayed here on the Beyond Scuba website,

Beyond Scuba Facebook page and Beyond Scuba instagram account are for sale!

All these marine wildlife images are taken and edited by multiple award-winning photographer Greet Meulepas. Through this online underwater photography shop you can become the proud owner of these images in any form you would like: from decoration on the wall to puzzle to original design on your laptop skin. Meulepas. Throug


There are 3 ways to enjoy our images as your own:

1. Simply let us know what you are looking for

If you want to buy one or more of our underwater images that show the most mesmerising sea creatures, interesting wrecks or under water world vistas you can simply do so by contacting us.
This way you can tell us exactly what you want, what you are looking for and we can custom edit any of our images to your desire.

2. Stock images on Alamy

You may also find what you are looking for on one of the biggest stock imagery websites.
We sell high resolution images through Alamy because Alamy is ‘fair, transparent, easy to work with and ethical. They aim to create the best environment for buying and selling imagery. As an independent agency, they’re not corporate and have a friendly and open approach, underpinned by integrity and efficiency.’

3. As cool merchandise on Red Bubble

To offer you another new and fun way to enjoy our images of the underwater world Beyond Scuba teamed up with the big online merchandise site Red Bubble where you can find original and artistic designs put on clothes, cellphone cases, mugs, mats, shower curtains, puzzles, basically anything at all.
You can also buy framed prints, posters, or any original and classy gift you can imagine!
In their owns words the aim of RedBubble is to create “A brave (and dare we say stylish) new world of self expression” with ‘Uncommon designs on awesome stuff”.  
We fully support their vision and therefor we created (and will continue to do so) designs that are based on our underwater pictures. Portraits of animals that roam the oceans edited to fit the cool and stylish products on offer on the RedBubble site. A dream for people who love the ocean as much as we do because now you can share this love with the world! Wear a t-shirt with our black and white shrimp design or be the odd person to drink your coffee out of a white-eyed moray mug.
Why don’t you take this mug to work, an ideal way to start talking about your love for the ocean and maybe share crazy dive stories!
A marine themed party? Use some coasters with a cute baby reef fish design when you offer your guests their drink!

The cool thing is that our designs all come from photos taken in real in situ circumstances of animals we encountered in the wild

You still have not found what you’re looking for? No worries, just contact us and tell us all about your heart’s desire. We’ll make it happen!

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