what camera do I need?

We recommend to use a full HD camera from a main brand such as Canon, Sony, etc.… a camera with a compatible, submersible housing (waterproof to -40 meters/130 feet, at the very least) that allows you to use all functions of the camera under water.

It would be best if you are able to change between macro and wide-angle (and all in between) by using diopters, different domes or wet lenses. This however is not obligatory. Cameras with a lower resolution (SD) are ok but not recommended and cameras with high resolution (4K) are not necessary.


Who is it for?

Our Beyond Scuba Marine Life Videographer Course is especially designed for divers that want to make quality films and documentaries. It has a no-nonsense approach to underwater videography and focuses only on the issues that really matter.

Most underwater film courses are expensive and require that the student is physically present in the water. This one-of–a-kind course is different in the way that you can learn all there is to know from the comfort of your couch. You can practice as much as you like on land and enter the water ready to get amazing footage.

But it does not stop there! After learning how to obtain the footage you desire, you will be tought how to tell the story you have in mind, how to edit your material into a smooth totality with the right music at the right time.

We will teach you everything there is to know so that when you embark on your next dive adventure you will enter the water prepared.

How long will it take?

The course is in movie format and divided into different chapters explaining everything you need to know; from how to set up and choose your equipment to what to do during your dive to get the right footage. You will be able to participate in this course at your own pace, decide for yourself when to practice the things you just learned.