Leeward (Côté Sous le Vent)

Mauritius’ leeward side ("côté sous le vent" in French) is its western coast. With prevailing Northeastern winds in summer and Southeastern winds in winter the western coast of the island is the most protected. These waters are now declared as a Mission Blue Hope Spot due to the variety of marine life that inhabits these waters such as pods of Long Nose Spinner Dolphins and Sperm Whales.

The Forteress

A few groups of trevallies are patrolling the outskirts of the wreck of the MV Kudhi Maa in the Maldives. Millions of glassfish chose this wreck as their home and found safety in large numbers. These tiny fish are an easy pick for these predators that use speed to catch prey. A few big Snappers, surrounded by Fusiliers and Anthias, swim around the mast of the ship and dominate the whole show. Filmed using ambient light only. In editing a "cartoon" effect has been added to create something out of the ordinary.


À l’Ombre de Phare

“À l'Ombre du Phare” (= In de Shadow of the Lighthouse) is a compilation of video fragments filmed in the vicinity of Albion’s lighthouse on the west coast of Mauritius. It shows some of the smallest marine creatures as well as several majestic Sperm whales, resident to these waters.



Pleased to meet you

A few words is all you get                                                                                                       that describe my habits or looks.                                                                                       All players place your bet,                                                                                                       no time to consult books.                                                                                                      Hope you guess my name.                                                                                                      This is the first of hopefully a long series to come to get people, especially young people, acquainted with what lives underneath the surface. The aim is to help people get connected with the seas and to help them to understand why it is so important to treat our oceans well.


The Little Angler

In this short film we follow a juvenile frogfish on a feeding spree.
The film has been given a Polynesian look.



Did you know that there are more different fish species than there are species of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles combined? Yet, when we are asked to draw a fish, most drawings would appear to be very similar.
This short documentary aims to broaden our general idea of the physical appearance of fish.


Satan is a Fish

The devil wears many disguises. But I should imagine you would not think of him being a fish. Yet there is a group of fish that embodies all the characteristics of Satan himself. They are ugly, venomous and deadly and are called Scorpaenoids.


The Indonesian Throughflow

From the Pacific to the Indian Ocean runs a powerful current, The Indonesian Throughflow!
Because it carries planktonic eggs and larvae of all kinds of species from the Pacific, it is the bringer of food and the bringer of life!
A part of the Indonesian Throughflow runs through the Lombok Strait between Bali and Lombok. This fact, together with significant upwelling zones and the influence of the Indian Ocean, is what makes the Balinese waters so rich and diverse.


Sharks Outsmarted

Fish form schools for a number of reasons. One of them is to deceive a ferocious predator: the shark. Sharks are equipped with a number of high-tech senses to locate prey. However, fish are able to outsmart the shark and its senses by sticking together!

Impression of an Underwater Garden

This short documentary about a black coral bush and its inhabitants was inspired by Impressionism, a 19th-century art movement (visual arts, music and literature). Claude Monet’s paintings inspired videographer Olivier Van den Broeck for the opening and closing titles. The idea for the movie’s title is taken from Monet’s famous painting  “Impression of a Sunrise” (“Impression, soleil levant”, oil on canvas 48 x 63, 1872). The beautiful music composed by Eric Bettens is a tribute to Claude Debussy’s fluid works. And the text is written and narrated by Greet Meulepas in Joseph Conrad’s style, starting with all the details to end up with the overall picture.


For A Few Shrimps More

Underwater Western movie where ghostpipefishes play the main characters.



A feather hydroid colony and its inhabitants.

Mysteries of the Sand

At first glance a sandy bottom is a lifeless, boring place, an underwater desert.
Yet when taking a closer look, this underappreciated landscape is a home for many different creatures.
Let Beyond Scuba take you on an unexpected journey to reveal the mysteries of the sand!


Golden Rhinopias

Paddle-flap (Rhinopias eschmeyeri) or Weedy (R. frondosa) scorpionfish? Truth is, we don’t know. According to Motomura and Johnson (2006) paddle-flaps lack distinct tentacles along their lateral line as well as dark-margined circular white markings on their bodies. Though they are not very distinct, this individual exhibits small blue spots and dark-encircled white markings, tipping the scale towards frondosa or weedy scorpionfish.. It also has small tentacles along its lateral line ánd two tentacles between its eyes, another frondosa-characteristic.
The tentacles itself however, are short and unbranched, a clear eschmeyeri trait! To make things even more complicated: this specimen has only 4 tentacles on the underside of its lower jaw as far as we can see on our images (cf 2 for eschmeyeri and 9-24 for frondosa).
So who knows, maybe it is a hybrid species… What do you think?

Family time!

When sperm whales are socialising they don't care too much about divers coming close. This experience has resulted in some amazing shots of the residential sperm whales. 

Soft Coral Polyps

The polyps of soft corals -or Octocorals- have ! feathery tentacles whereas hard coral polyps only have six. This close-up clearly shows !-tentacled polyps. Picture taken with Nikon 7100 - 105mm Nikkor lens + SMC 1 -  INON strobes.


Whip corals provide a home for very small Goby species: called whip or wire coral gobies. This little fellow was swinging upside down from the branch, with an open mouth, so I presume it was feeding on the particles that floated by. Picture taken with a Nikon D7100 + Tokina Fisheye lens in a Nauticam housing and  2 INON strobes.

Tiny Seahorse

This tiny seahorse was photographed in the Mauritian Black River District Hope Spot, in a sandy area. We found it when we turned away from our favorite reef to explore beyond what we know.

Colorful Beauty

Colourful wrasse 

Octopuses having fun in the sun

Two octopuses are mating, sitting on top of a rock. The male octopus inserts a specialised arm into the mantle of the female and deposits its spermatophores



Striped catfish, B & W

Fire dartfish

Natural Born Freediver

Hello Halloween!!

Velvet ghost pipefish

Oceanic Blacktip

Juvenile triggerfish

Pseudoceros dimidiatus

Sepia latimanus

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