Picturing an Arrow Crab

04 May 2017
Yellowline Arrow Crab (Stenorhynchus seticornis)

About the subject:

Some arrow crabs, like this Stenorhynchus species, have quite an interesting mating ritual: whenever a female and male of the same species meet, they mate immediately. Forget about introductions, let alone foreplay…

To make sure he is the last one to have mated with the female, the male often guards the female until she lays her eggs. Thus he ensures his reproductive success.


About the picture:

When I took this picture I wanted to isolate the crab from the background by focusing on the crab but leaving the background blurred at the same time. Since the small critter was sitting on the bottom this was not entirely possible

(see Chapter 3 Depth of Field of our Beyond Scuba Digital Underwater Photography Course to understand why) and I had to blur the background some more in post-process to get the effect I desired.

I also boosted the purple of the pincers a tiny bit to make them stand out against the red of the animal and the brown of the background.