Beyond Scuba's Before & After: It's all so very personal.

28 March 2018
personal taste


I think my first impression of this picture was: "This is rubbish".

Then, years later, coming across it once more I thought "This has potential".

When scrutinizing this image, the first remark obviously is: the eyes should have been sharp.

However, the emphasis is placed on the inside of the mouth; a more original approach of photographing a yawning fish.

So instead of discarding it because of the lack of sharpness of the eyes, I have accentuated the fact that the fish is showing us its wide open gape.

I have done this by using a radial blur, because I think the radial lines towards the mouth give a feel of the suction that is created by yawning.

Of course, this is, as so often, a matter of personal opinion. 

I have tried other opproaches, other blur-techniques,... but I found the result shown above tells it best:

When this fellow yawns a little fish is wise not to find itself in the created pathway of suction!