Beyond Scuba's Before & After: Juvenile Angelfish

12 July 2017
Juvenile Angelfish

This picture of a juvenile angelfish is an old Jpeg file I found scrolling through my library.

It is one of my first photos I actually liked, although I also instantly recognised the many faults it has and what I should have done to get a better result.

The thing is, these juveniles are very hard to capture. They are continuously on the move and have lifted the game ‘catch me if you can’ to the next level! So at that moment I was pleased enough to have been able to frame the entire fish against the sponge and not just the tail of it.

Jpeg files are a bit trickier to modify than RAW files but I think the result is pleasing. As you can see the picture is cropped and the colours are boosted. On top of that I added more ‘black’ to get rid of the ugly background. The backscatter that was still visible has been removed. I added more detail to the fish and adjusted the shadows of the sponge. I also played with exposure and contrast using the curves tool.

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The Beyond Scuba - Team