Beyond Scuba's Before & After: The stage is set… time to turn on the light!

03 August 2017
Into the spotlight


When I look at this picture it feels like the manta is swimming onto the stage and into the spotlight. Only… the spotlight is missing in the original image.

So after I did the usual colour correction and contrast boost I set to work to create light. I used Affinity Photo, Apples professional photo editing app, to do so. This software has a ‘new live filter layer’ called ‘lighting filter’ that makes it possible to add light sources. In fact, you can add up to ten lights per added layer, which I did. Per light added you can then choose the kind of light, control the distance of the light source to your subject, the direction and width of its ray, its colour…. basically everything! I placed all the lights parallel next to each other as if coming from the same source above (the sun). Then I adjusted every ray separately to make them unique and the overall effect more realistic. As a final touch I played with the opacity of the live filter layer to get just the amount of light I wanted.

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The Beyond Scuba - Team