Beyond Scuba's Before & After: Happy Halloween!

29 October 2017
Happy Halloween


We have been having fun this weekend behind the computer. While Olivier has been working on a remake of our old halloween movie (now with scary voice and added soundeffects!) I have been puzzling to make an Underwater Halloween compilation. I started with the picture of the grouper; desaturated it but for the cyan coloured dots on his back and gave it the eyes and downward smile of the pumpkin king. I erased the background and pasted the fishy ghoul on the picture of the overhang I took in the Caribbean. I desaturated the blues and pasted a picture of the moon in the ocean 'sky'. Last but not least I cut out a manta ray and turned the exposure almost completely down. I copied it three times and toyed just a little bit with the perspective tool. (I tried the same thing with batfish first but they did not have the same flying capabilities as devil ray-bats :-)). I smoothed the edges wherever necessary and added the text (an adapted version of a poem I found on the internet) to finish my very own underwater halloween scenery.   Happy Halloween!!